Unleashing the Power of Clean Energy

Your Guide to Energy Efficiency at the Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power

Step into a world of innovation and sustainability at the 2024 Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power, where the Clean Energy Spotlight takes center stage! This spotlight is a unique opportunity for visitors to discover how to increase your home’s energy efficiency and all the benefits that come with it! From solar panels and smart home automation systems to energy-efficient heat pumps and electric vehicles, the Clean Energy Spotlight is your gateway to a more sustainable and cost-effective future.

Reduce your carbon footprint:

At the heart of the Clean Energy Spotlight lies a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. It’s why we’ve partnered with Nova Scotia Power. As they transition to 80% renewable energy by 2030,  each of us can make a difference—whether that’s driving an electric vehicle or choosing to warm your home with electricity. As our grid gets greener, so will our homes, businesses, and communities.

Energy efficiency is another powerful tool in the fight against climate change, as it lowers greenhouse gas emissions. By using less energy to accomplish everyday tasks, we can collectively decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, which is why we’re excited to partner with Nova Scotia Power.

Energy efficiency allows you to unlock the potential for significant economic savings through energy-efficient practices and technologies. Lowering energy bills for households and businesses not only contributes to improved financial stability but also fosters economic sustainability on a larger scale.

Exploring Energy Efficiency Topics at the Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power:

Energy Assessments:

Embark on your energy efficiency journey with an energy assessment, identifying areas where your home is losing heat and providing efficient improvement solutions. Connect with Efficiency Nova Scotia and other expert exhibitors to tailor your home's energy efficiency plan. Discover rebates and financing options by engaging in a conversation with Efficiency Nova Scotia. Schedule your energy assessment with exhibitors like Arctic Energy Solutions, and Homesol Building Solutions.

Electric Vehicles (EVs):

Drive into the future with electric vehicles, reducing your carbon footprint by 50% compared to traditional vehicles. Experience the environmental benefits firsthand as Nova Scotia Power showcase an electric vehicle onsite. Explore exhibitors such as Quinn Energy offering EV chargers, making sustainable transportation more accessible and convenient.

The Next Ride team will be joining Nova Scotia Power in their booth to answer all of your questions about the benefits of transitioning to electric mobility. Learn about Electrify rebates, ebikes, charging, and book an EV test drive onsite with Next Ride and feel the thrill of driving electric at the Ideal Home Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power (first come first serve, based on availability).

Solar Power:

Illuminate your home with the power of the sun! Solar electricity is a renewable energy source that contributes to a greener future for the province. Explore options such as installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at home or subscribing to solar power from a community solar garden. Engage with exhibitors like Hansen Solar Energy and Sun Kissed Energy to learn more about integrating solar power into your lifestyle.

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS):

Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) is another revolutionary technology that adds to the lineup of sustainable solutions at the Clean Energy Spotlight of the 2024 Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power. ETS systems are designed to harness off-peak electricity during periods of low demand, storing it as heat in specially designed units. This stored heat can then be utilized when energy demand is higher, providing an efficient and cost-effective way to heat homes. By strategically using electricity during times when the grid is underutilized, ETS not only promotes energy efficiency but also reduces the overall strain on the power grid. Explore the benefits of ETS with exhibitors like Maynard Simpson Electrical. Embracing ETS is another step toward a greener future and reinforces the commitment to energy efficiency at the Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power.

Heat Pumps:

Discover the year-round comfort and efficiency of heat pumps. These systems not only heat, cool, and dehumidify your home but also save money and energy. Dive into the expertise of exhibitors like Conroy Refrigeration HVAC, High Country Mechanical, Maynard Simpson Electrical, Quinn Energy, and others to explore the benefits of modern, efficient heating methods.

The Clean Energy Spotlight at the Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power is a celebration of innovation and sustainability. Explore the transformative power of energy efficiency, engage with industry experts, and leave empowered to create a more sustainable and cost-effective home. As the future of transportation goes electric and solar power becomes more accessible, the Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power is your guide to building a greener future for the province.

Mark your calendars and join us at the Truro Home & Outdoor Show Powered by Nova Scotia Power April 26-28, 2024 for an immersive experience in the world of clean energy and efficiency!